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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pay No Attention to the Man on the Reviewing Stand!

So, apparently, nodding at the President is a fire-able offense.

Have you heard about this? Apparently, a drum major from the Cleveland Firefighters Memorial Pipes and Drums marching band, which was marching in the inaugural parade, was suspended from the marching band. He subsequently quit in protest. His offense? As he passed the reviewing stand, President Obama waved at him (or at least in his direction) and this hapless man, John Coleman, nodded back and gave a slight wave. That's right! And it was all caught on tape, too, so let's see some slick defense attorney try to get him off on a technicality!

Apparently, nodding and/or waving is some kind of breach of drum major etiquette. It's just not done. But, come on, if the President waves at you, are you just supposed to keep going? This is the newly-minted leader of the free world we're talking about! Can President Obama offer Coleman a pardon for "aggravated acknowledgment"?

One shudders to imagine the repercussions if he had given Obama the finger!

Also, from the "Why is this news?" Department:

The front page of today's Times features a story about a painting of Martin T. Manton, a disgraced federal appeals court judge from the early 20th century. This painting had hung in the chambers of Charles L. Brieant, Jr., a non-disgraced federal district judge in New York, until his death last year. Now, the various interested parties are debating what should be done with the portrait. Should it continue to hang prominently, as a reminder of what happens when judges go bad? Or should it be banished to wherever evil paintings are banished to?

Anybody want to buy a painting of a corrupt judge?

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