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Thursday, February 19, 2009

All Apologies II

The Solipsist just learned something about the world of blog publishing.

Now, for starters, let's clarify: The major purpose of this blog is shameless self-promotion. Really, that must be considered the essential purpose of ALL blogs, right? It saddens the Solipsist sometimes when he considers that, were he simply keeping a diary (or as we men call it, a journal), he probably wouldn't have kept his new year's resolution much past the Rose Bowl. But since a blog at least provides the possibility that someone is paying attention, the Solipsist has not missed a DAY since he began this blog in late 2008.

Vanity! All is Vanity!

Anyway, to get back to the shameless self-promotion.

Now, sparkling prose and witty observations will only get one so far. The Solipsist realized that, in order to truly expand his . . . well, let's call it what it is. . .his empire, he needed to emulate the big boys. And this meant FRANCHISING. (There must be a "bloggy" term for it, but, for now, franchising it is.) The Solipsist invited his good friend, Friend of Solipsist, who had been faithfully leaving comments, to "join the team," as it were. And FOS did, adopting the sobriquet "Sol's Bud."

(Digression: The Solipsist is concerned for FOS's self-esteem. To choose only to be identified in relation to another--albeit one as dynamic, charming, godlike, and wise as YNSHC--seems somewhat sad. Then again, if one is going to hitch his wagon to a star, one should at least aim for a supernova! End of digression.)

So, yes, the Solipsist has a sidekick. And The Solipsist has an actual, like, staff!

But to get back to what the Solipsist learned about blogging:

It seems that, once people are added as writers to a blog, their comments no longer need to be moderated. Thus, "Sol's Bud" has been leaving unmoderated commentary on the Solipsist's posts. This is not a problem, but, because the comments didn't require "vetting," the Solipsist didn't even realize that comments were being posted. And so YNSHC effectively IGNORED the comments.

So this is by way of an apology--much as it pains the Solipsist to admit error (or even common humanity)--to FOS for not acknowledging his comments, for thinking that FOS had abandoned the Solipsist, and for the package the Solipsist sent FOS when he was venting his spleen. (FOS, if in the next few weeks, you receive a package from Peru, DO NOT OPEN IT! Seriously!)

In closing, fellow blogizens, pay attention to the little people. It is only by standing on them, that we can attain our lofty heights.


  1. LOL!!! I feel humbled, with a post so unabashedly devoted to the ever-stalwart FOS, Sol's Bud. And perhaps I should adopt a more unique monicker by which to identify myself. There's always "Dr. C", but that would bring back adolescent memories too terrifying to ponder. Best let the past be.

    I'm not sure you can quite call upon my contributions to be those of "staff" (and considering my ascent into corporate management, the term rankles a bit, considering the thin red-line between corporate eschelons). Pride aside, though, I'm only too glad to contribute and comment. If only I were pithy and prolific enough to properly blog, but I just don't have that many original ideas. :-)

    Your devoted reader and commentarian,


    PS: Nice to know you weren't just ignoring my comments!

    PPS: I do kinda like using these weird auto-generated words as a byline.

  2. One other thought: so does this make me the Ed McMahon to your Johnny Carson??? (Are we dating ourselves? Anyone remember Johnny?)


    PS: Like the term "blogizen"... hearkens back to that awful awkward term "netizen" that crept up in the early oughts (first part of a new millenial decade) when the Net was new..

    PPS: FWIW, I sent a link to your blog to my former boss, a soon-to-be-published author with great literary taste. Just trying to keep up the franchising!

    Lyteleu (wasn't he an Elf in LOTR?)

    PS: Hey! I LIKEthis commenting thing!