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Monday, August 3, 2009


Last week's poll question was:

A recent survey suggested that white lab coats might--might--contribute to disease because they pick up germs. What do you think doctors should wear? The choices:

--Those white coats are so snazzy! I'll take my chances!
--Ugh, germs! Let doctors wear whatever they want, as long as its clean.
--Doctors should have a sort of "uniform," but it should be updated every year--like fashion.
--Doctors should be naked!

The results are in, and with a whopping 50% of the vote, Sloppists have declared, "Doctors should be naked!"

Now, a word about that "whopping 50%": That translates to TWO PEOPLE! What's the matter with all of you? Don't you like to take polls? Who doesn't like to take polls? Maybe we didn't make it clear enough that this was a poll, and we actually wanted your input. Get with the program, folks!

The other conclusion to draw from this is that Sloppists are a bunch of perverts. Well, either that or you all have super-hot doctors. In which case the Solipsist really needs to reconsider his health plan.

Does "Grey's Anatomy" present an accurate picture of the relative attractiveness of medical professionals? Could this be why healthcare costs are out of control: Too many Dr. McDreamy's enticing too many young ladies (and some men) to schedule unnecessary office visits? It would make sense. Hey, if our doctor looked like, say, Katherine Heigl, we might schedule a few unnecessary prostate exams. This might be something for healthcare reformers to look into.

(And next time, TAKE THE POLL!)

Too hot for Medicare?
(Image from tv.yahoo.com)


This morning the news reported that Michael Jackson might actually have a fourth child, a Norwegian rapper (yes) named Omer Bhatti. Now, who knows? But here's the eye-roll: The reporter made a big deal about video footage showing Jackson riding a Jet-Ski with a 13-year-old Omer; Omer is in front, and Jackson is sitting behind him. The reporter stated that this footage showed how close Jackson and Omer obviously were, thus supporting the idea of a father-son relationship.

Sure. 'Cause, why else would Michael Jackson want a 13-year-old boy scrunched up against his crotch?

Too soon?

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