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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Assets, Not Liabilities

Investors love layoffs. The way they see it, fewer employees equals a lower payroll, and a lower payroll equals higher profits.

They're right on a certain level, but this is one example of the flaws in market-based thinking, namely, that employees are seen as liabilities rather than assets. The most valuable assets of any well-run organization are the people who comprise it.

In addition to teaching, we also supervise tutorial services at our college. One of the mixed blessings of this position is that we get to work with the best and the brightest of the student body. What makes the blessing mixed is that the best and the brightest inevitably move on to bigger and better things: Nobody's life calling is to be a part-time tutor at a community college.

(Digression: On the upside, the worst and the dimmest also move on eventually. EOD)

Today we gave a glowing recommendation to one of our strongest employees, who will now be leaving us to accept a "real, grown-up" job. We take some solace (and a smidgen of pride) in the fact that she will continue to work in the field of education. But, as we have had to do numerous times in the past, and as we will (hopefully) have to do many times in the future, we sit back, smile wistfully, shake our head, and wonder where we will find a replacement.

Since nobody took our quiz yesterday, we are disinclined to provide the answers. So there!

A Republican will occupy Ted Kennedy's seat?!? Good job, Massachusetts!


  1. First: I answered your quiz. If you didn't like the answer, Tough!
    Second: Don't blame Massachussets: Blame what is laughingly called the Denmocratic Party which seems to career between two poles: One, run scared from even the most ludicrous charges the Republicans make and, instead of saying: "That's idiotic!", say "We'll never do it again." Even when they've DONE NOTHING! (see: the "Harry Reid" nonsense). Two: Become so arrogant that they can't even be bothered to run a QUALIFIED candidate and, can't even be bothered with having their unqualified candidate actually RUN! (see the "Martha Coakley" nonsense.) Indeed, the only truly unique thing the Dems seem able to do is do both these, totally opposite, things at one and the same time!!!

  2. That's why they call it human capital. But not the wall street guys.

  3. A well managed human work force is totally an asset no matter how you look at it.
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