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Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Solipsist's Facebook Fun Quiz

If you're on Facebook (or, as the kids say, "If you have a Facebook"), you've probably been "tagged" in someone's notes. Occasionally, these notes take the form of questionnaires about music or movies or just general personal trivia, a fun way to get to know more about the people you call "Friends"--especially if you've never actually met them.

As a service to those of you who don't yet have a Facebook, the Solipsist has composed his very own questionnaire so that he can get to know you a little better, and so that Sloppists can get to know each other. Please answer the questions in the comments section. Thanks!

The Solipsist's "Getting to Know the Nation" Funtime Questionnaire
1. What is your favorite color?
2. What is your favorite book?
3. What is your favorite movie?
4. What is your favorite movie NOT starring John Turturro?
5. Really?
6. What was your childhood nickname?
7. What is your current nickname?
8. What is your porn star name? (Feel free to fall back on the old formula of combining your childhood pet's name with a town/city you lived in as a child: The Solipsist is Pookie Melrose!)
9. Favorite band or musician?
10. Favorite actor/actress?
11. Favorite Secretary of Agriculture?
12. Rent or own?
13. Paper or Plastic?
14. Sunni or Shiite?
15. What is your social security number?
16. Where do you bank, and what is your checking account number (please include the routing number)?
17. What are the first sixteen digits of your Visa or Mastercard. . . and, uh, as long as you've got it out, what's the expiration date and security code?
18. Where at home do you keep cash or other valuables?
19. Planning a vacation?
20. When?
21. For how long?
22. If not, what time do you usually leave the house in the morning, and when do you come home?
23. Any large dogs or other security we should know about?
24. With whom did you have your greatest sexual experience?
25. If your answer to #24 was your current spouse/partner: No, seriously, who?
26. Really, we won't tell. Who?
27. What's your favorite blog?
28. OK, what's your favorite blog that rhymes with "Schmolipsist"?
29. Would it bother you if this questionnaire had only 29 questions instead of an even 30?
30. Does this make you feel better?
Thanks for participating!


  1. Yes, it would bother me if there were 29 questions instead of 30.

  2. Warning! Some of these answers may be true!
    1. Mauve
    2.This week: "Castle Waiting" & John Dunning's "Denver". Next Week, who knows?
    3. The Lion in Winter
    4. Any (he's a great actor. He makes lousy movies.)
    5. Yes, really?
    6. Louise (it's a long story)
    7. Old Louise
    8. Jason Berner
    9. Band: Robin Hood's, Musician: Artie Shaw
    10. Johnny Depp... to both
    11. Louisa May Alcott (well, she shoulda been)
    12. I rent what is my own. I own only things that are rent
    13. Yes
    14. No
    15. 1 (I am VERY o;d!)
    16. They won't let me have one. My last statement from the bank was: "This is the last time we're spending 44 cents to tell you, you have 43 cents!"
    17. Again: 0000000000000001 (Did I mention, I'm VERY old!)
    18. Home? Cash? Valuables?
    19. YES!
    20. I'll be there next week!
    21. Till I start sneezing (about 10 minutes)
    22. Home?
    23. I would think ANY educated person should know about Lassie, Rin-Tin-Tin, Lad, and "The Walking Dead" (largest dog of the year)
    24. President Kennedy hosted a dinner once: He invited a host of great thinkers; poets, philosophers, writers, etc. He gave this toast: This is the greatest collection of thinkers ever gathered around one table. Except when Thomas Jefferson dined alone." You can work out the answer from that.
    25. see above
    26. Okay. It was Angelina Jolie! ( Look, you don't HAVE to believe it.)
    27.42nd st. & Times Square. Do you have a cold?
    28. Easy, Irving
    29. No, I'd prefer it.

  3. 1. Blue, no green, ahhhhhhhhh!
    2. One of them is “Emma Who Saved My Life”
    3. “Jesus of Montreal”
    4. “Jesus of Montreal”
    5. Yeah, really.
    6. Emmy
    7. Mom
    8. Victoria Lambert
    9. The Clash
    10. Jessica Lange/Susan Sarandon/Johnny Depp/Gary Oldman (sorry, I need all four of those)
    11. Do I have to pick just one?
    12. Own and rue
    13. Cloth
    14. Neither
    15. As if
    16. Ha
    17. Okay, time for a new joke
    18. Seriously
    19 Not
    21. Dude, move on.org!
    22. There’s actually always someone home at my house, for real
    23. A big, easily-irritatable 6 foot 3 man
    24 See above
    25. Seriously
    26. Seriously
    27. Other than mine, you mean? Yours. Of course.
    28. You know you’re the one
    29. Yes
    30. Yes, thank you.

  4. We're learning all manner of things about the Nation. Thanks for participating, and keep those credit card numbers coming.

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  7. Music is the Doors, blogs are philosophy blogs and solipsism, my nickname is Sant Antonio, my greatest sexual experience was with a blonde-haired harlot in a public toilet very near a pub in Salisbury South Australia, I'd go with biodegradable plastic shopping bags, my favourite actor's Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Bill Murray, and Gene Wilder & Al Pacino, and my favourite actress has always been, is always and always will be Whoopi Goldberg. :)