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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Days of Whine and (Runny) Noses

The worst part about being sick is the extended recuperation period. Actually, that's not true. The WORST part of being sick is the aches and pains and chills and general feeling that you're going to die. But the second worst part is the extended recuperation period. You feel a general lack of energy or gumption or will to live. You have a low-grade headache that doesn't quite merit aspirin. You have a post-nasal drip that creates a permanent unclearable tickle in the back of your throat. And yet, you don't feel sick enough to actually call in sick or even to generate much sympathy from those around you.

We don't mind being sick; we just wish that, when the sickness was over, it would just be over! Here endeth the whine.

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