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Monday, February 7, 2011

Never a Dull Moment

This e-mail was sent out to the entire campus this afternoon, under the subject line, "Who Owns a Black Prius?"

Hello Everyone,

To the owner of a black Prius, we wanted to inform you that your vehicle is being attacked by a giant male turkey. If your car is parked in the back of the Physical Science Building, you may want to move it. Thank you!


As if California's budget woes weren't crisis enough!

(By the way, the Solipsist-mobile is, indeed, a black Prius. Although she [yes, she--her name is Zelda] was not parked in the location mentioned, we did rush out to make sure that the turkey was not engaging in serial molestation of black Priuses [Prii?].)

Video from CarCheckup.com