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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A "To Be Continued" Would Have Killed Them?

Boy, is the Solipsist's face red! That'll teach us to take a cut-rate vacation in Sendai! (Too soon?)

We must apologize for a couple of "oopsies" in yesterday's review of HBO's "Mildred Pierce," starring the lovely and seldom-clothed Kate Winslet. First, as "Anonymous" pointed out, we misspelled the name of Winslet's co-star, Guy Pearce, as Guy PearSe. In our defense, you can hardly blame us for misspelling a name--P-I-E-R-C-E-- that the actor himself insists on misspelling. But we loved him "Memento" and "LA Confidential," so we'll cut the Guy some slack.

More importantly, we totally embarrassed ourselves by complaining about the movie's lack-of-point when the film isn't actually, um, over. We've apparently only seen the first 40% of a five-part Bataan death march of Depression-era feminism. We trust--we hope--to feel more of a sense of "closure" by the end.

Truly, though, we are ashamed. This is easily our biggest gaffe since our brief review of "West Side Story":
"We LOVE this musical! It's kind of like 'Romeo and Juliet' but hardly depressing at all and with MUCH better tunes. The show's big finale, 'Tonight, Tonight' was just exhilarating! We don't know what'll become of Tony and Maria, but we can't help but think that those two crazy kids are gonna be ALL RIGHT!"

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  1. I don't know what's worse: Lifying a joke from "Bells Are Ringing" or not even realising you DID lift a joke from "Bells Are Ringing" because you just think like Comden/Green. (Look 'em up!)