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Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday Miscellany


'Tis the season when teachers--even the most inept, mean, or solipsistic ones--receive Christmas cards and/or thank-you notes from their students.  And nothing warms the cold, cold heart of a writing teacher quite so much as receiving a warm, deeply felt thank-you card riddled with grammatical and spelling errors.


The hot new dessert trend seems to be "cake pops"--a pastry-lollipop hybrid that, when sold at places like Starbucks provides all of the overpricing at half the calories.  Last night, I saw an ad for "Bake Pops," a do-it-yourself cake-on-a-stick kit.  In the commercial, a housewifey-looking type explained that she "used to feel guilty when [she] ate a whole piece of cake."

I know how she feels.  I often feel guilty when I eat a whole piece of cake--especially when the kid I took it from won't stop crying!

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