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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Just Another Day at Solipsist Central: Gone with the Monkey

SOL: You know, if you think about it, just about any movie could be improved if you change one word of its title to "Monkey."

WOS: Hm.

SOL: "When a Monkey Calls."

WOS: "The Silence of the Monkeys."

SOL: Exactly! . . . "Monkey of Arabia."

WOS: Heh.

SOL: "Monkey."

WOS: Hm?

SOL: That would be "Avatar."

WOS: Oh.  Oh. . .Kay.

SOL: "Planet of the Monkeys."

WOS: That one doesn't work too well.

SOL: Guess you're right. . . ."Monkey Monkeys."

WOS: What?

SOL: Instead of "Thirteen Monkeys."

WOS: What?!?

SOL: You know, the Bruce Willis movie about the disease that kills people.

WOS: As opposed to the disease that cures people?

SOL: You know what I mean.

WOS: "TWELVE Monkeys."

SOL: Oh, right. (Pause) Well, you can see where my title would avoid confusion. . . . What movie had thirteen of something?

WOS: I'm ignoring you.


SOL: "Schindler's Monkey.". . .  Too soon?

WOS: A bit.


SOL: "Abbot and Costello Meet the Monkey". . . "The Hurt Monkey". . . "Harry Potter and the Monkey of Azkaban."

WOS: Just how long are you going to do this?

SOL: I don't know.  How many movies are there?


  1. Ah, monkeys. Thank you.

  2. Not fer nuthin', but the ACTUAL translation of Pierre Boule's title, IS "Monkey Planet". The English publishers thought "apes" had a stronger sound.