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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sticker Shock

Forget in-person voter fraud!  There's absolutely no evidence that it's happening, and to whatever extent it IS happening, it's highly unlikely that a sufficient number of people in any one state or congressional district are engaging in such activity to make any difference whatsoever in any race's outcome.  I DID, however, personally witness a case of in-person voter-sticker fraud, and I think this poses a significant threat to the Republic!

At my polling place this morning, what I assumed to be a father and son stood on line, waiting to sign in.  The son was about six years old.  As the pair approached the sign-in table, one of the elderly volunteers asked the boy if he would like a sticker. . . .AND THEN SHE GAVE HIM ONE!!!

Now, I am mildly concerned at the thought of what a savvy Republican operative could do with optics implying that a clearly underaged young man was allowed to vote at a polling place in a heavily Democratic precinct, in flagrant violation of any number of election laws.  But I am MORE concerned by the fact that the child was given the sticker before his father voted!  After all, if faced with the prospect of standing in an hours-long line, how many people would just give up and go home if someone offered them an "I Voted" sticker: They'd get all the warm approbation for having done their civic duty without actually having to wait around to vote!!! 

Now, THIS is a job for the ACLU!

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