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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another Great Moment in Student Service

. . . or, Why I Will Likely Be Passed Over Again for Teacher-of-the-Year.

A student came to my office yesterday.

STUDENT: Excuse me, could I ask you something?


STU: Well, I'm in your class tonight.

SOL: English 142?

STU: Yes.


STU: And I wanted to make sure of the time.

SOL: Seven o'clock.

STU: OK. . . And what room?

SOL: B-12.

STU: Oh. . . Uh, where's that?

SOL: The Biological Sciences building. [EDITORIAL NOTE: No, I don't teach biology; space is just at a premium on campus.  Classes are held wherever.]

STU: Oh.  Where's THAT?

SOL: Top of the hill.  Just go up those stairs outside, all the way to the top, and the building'll be right in front of you.

STU: OK.  Seven o'clock?

SOL: Yes.

STU: So. . . . Do I meet you here?

SOL: Here. . . ?  In my office?  (STUDENT nods.) No. . . No, you just go to the classroom, and I'll meet the class there.

STU: Oh.  OK.  And it's. . . the Biology building?

SOL: Yes.

STU: What color is it?

SOL: What. . . Uh, wait.  What color is the BUILDING?

[EDITORIAL NOTE: I do not teach in Whoville.  All the buildings are a uniform shade of unremarkable brick.]

STU: Yes.

SOL: Uh. . .  Building-colored?

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