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Sunday, February 10, 2013

I'll Work When I'm Dead

Why is the pleasure derived from napping inversely proportional to the opportunity to nap?  O, Irony! Cruel mistress!  Callous lover! Friend without benefits!  How you do rear your fearsome head!

Today's "Duh" report reveals that well-rested workers--those who get enough sleep, have the opportunity to nap, and take longer vacations--are productive workers.  In other news, pandas are considered "adorable" by more than 60% of adult females.

Maybe that explains why my students fall asleep in class: They're trying to increase their productivity!

Personally, I love napping, but it always takes me a good hour or so to wake up fully from one.  And that's no matter how long the nap is.  Maybe I'm not doing it right.

Of course, if vacations and sleep make people more productive, then shouldn't the most productive people on the planet be the retired?  Or, y'know, the dead?

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