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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Congratulations Period

A Facebook etiquette (Fetiquette?) query:

A friend changed his profile picture today.  Now, this person is not a close friend--it's probably been about a year or so since I last saw or spoke to him--but he is someone I know in the real world ("Meatspace" as computer aficionados have been known to call it).  He used to work for me, as a matter of fact, as did his longtime girlfriend, whom I have likewise not seen or spoken to in about a year.  Anyway, this friend's new profile picture is quite clearly a wedding photo: He is wearing a very sharp suit, and he sits next to a very attractive woman in a spectacular wedding gown.  Now, I had no idea he had gotten married, nor did I even know he was engaged.  But more to the point, the bride is not the aforementioned LG..

My question: Assuming I want to acknowledge this updated profile photo at all, what do I say?  The obvious "Congratulations" seems somewhat misplaced--particularly as my impulse is not so much to say, "Congratulations exclamation point" as it is to say, "Congratulations question mark"  I mean, I assume this is a blessed event and all, but inquiring minds want to know what became of LG.  And it's not like I'm close enough to him that I can just dash off an e-mail and say, "Yo, Izzy [not his real name]!  What the hell happened to Gertrude [not her real name]?!?"

Any advice?

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