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Monday, May 27, 2013

Here's to Your Health, Again

The other day, I posted about the latest Republican attempts to thwart implementation of Obamacare.  A friend of mine, who has made no secret of her disdain for this particular piece of legislation, reiterated her opposition to it.  Fair enough, although that did not address the basic point of my piece, which was the insane level of obstructionism of various GOP politicians: In this case, going so far as to block provisions of the Affordable Care Act (the law of the land, mind you, duly passed by legitimately elected representatives) that would make it easier for the desperately poor to gain access to health care and that would literally cost them and their states ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for the first three years.

What occurred to me today, as I pondered once again this friend's ongoing dislike of Obamacare, is the fact that--for all the opposition's sound and fury and gnashing of teeth and cries of "Tyranny!"--the law hasn't even gone into effect yet!  And if early reports from states like California are any indication, many of the dreaded repercussions feared by Obamacare opponents--such as higher insurance premiums--will not come to pass.  So, here's my modest suggestion: Why don't people just relax and wait and see what actually happens with the ACA, instead of prophesying the imminent fall of the Republic if and when it is enacted?

Of course, that's not going to happen.  The GOP will continue to scream and wail and convene nonsensical votes to repeal Obamacare--a repeal they all know is never, ever going to happen--because what else have they got?  They certainly have shown no interest in proposing better legislation--or worse legislation--or any legislation.  And the more they scream, the more a sensible observer must recognize how benign--if not downright helpful--Obamacare will turn out to be. 

If the GOP truly thinks the law is a disaster--really believes the vast majority of the country would be harmed by it--then the smartest thing they could do, from a political perspective, is to shut up, sit back, and wait for the law to take effect.  If people truly end up hurt by the law--well, then, the Republicans will solidify a Congressional majority for many years to come.  Lest anyone think otherwise, let's be perfectly clear: Republicans are not afraid of the potential harm the Affordable Care Act might cause; they are, however, completely terrified at the thought that it will work.

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