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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Still Slogging Along

Every time I feel remorse over my inability to provide you, my loyal followers, with some daily drop of wisdom--whether due to lack of inspiration or lack of time--I simply browse my list of "Blogs I'm Following."  It makes me feel better.  Because, while I may struggle to come up with anything more than a semi-funny one-liner, or a repetitive rant against right-wing ideology, I note that all--ALL--of the blogs I follow have apparently thrown in the towel.  Even "Sleep Talkin' Man" has gone silent.  I hope this means he's stopped talking and not stopped sleeping!  Although, considering that they just welcomed a new baby, I suppose it could well be the latter.  My point, folks, is that whatever I lack in originality, wit, or even bare enjoyability, I more than make up for in consistency.

You're welcome!

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