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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Back in Town

Well, I'm back.  If you were wondering, I was in Vegas for the past couple of days.  For that matter, I was in Vegas for the past couple of days even if you weren't wondering.  And if you weren't wondering, why weren't you wondering?  For God's sake, I've been missing for three days!  You people would all make terrible parents.  Anyway, I was meeting up with FOS and Family (not to be confused with "Fox and Friends"--the title of which I've never understood: I mean, I get that it's on Fox, but there's no one on the show named "Fox," right?  So the title implies that the show is hosted by the network. . .and its friends?  Someone needs to get on this right away.  Where was I?).  We had a nice time despite average daily temperatures that approximated those on the surface of Mercury.  Seriously!  I'm not sure it dropped below 100 degrees the entire time I was there.  It was 106 degrees at 11:30!  P.M.!  Why do people live in this place?  Sure the breakfast buffets are awesome--prime rib and blintzes!--but you have to survive through the night to be able to enjoy them! Reveling in the spirit of "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas," FOS and I threw inhibition to the winds and partook of that time-honored, red-blooded American-male Sin-City tradition: a trip to the Pinball Hall of Fame!  Yes, folks, I am a nerd.  Anyway, good to be back.

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