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Thursday, July 18, 2013

I Think I May Be onto Something. . . .

From "Dementia's Signs May Come Early," an article on the front page of today's New York Times:
"One of Dr. Caselli’s patients, Roger Siegel, 84, has noticed [memory] problems for at least five years, and said he now remembers about 30 percent of what he would like to, and has trouble concentrating. 'I take a shower and wonder did I wash that leg,' he said. In books, 'many times I forget which character is which.'

"Recently, he bought six packages of pie filling instead of one 'because I asked somebody where would I find it and the answer was Aisle 6, so I wrote down 6, but by the time I got to the aisle, I picked up six of the thing.'”
From the same article: 
"Carol Miller, 61, of Rochester, Minn., part of the Mayo Clinic’s study of cognitively healthy adults, seems more concerned. A registered nurse who retired after being laid off a few years ago, she has forgotten cardiovascular and neurological vocabulary that once 'I would recall very easily,' she said. 'I don’t trust myself as a safe R.N. because I don’t have the knowledge anymore.'
"When shopping for blueberry filling for her daughter’s birthday cake, she twice reached the checkout counter having forgotten it. . . ."
Now I'm no scientist, but I'm thinking researchers should investigate the apparent link between the onset of dementia and pie.

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