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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I Believe in the Easter Bunny, Too

I guess it's good news that we may not have to bomb Syria after all--although I must say, it's been a stressful few weeks, and a little vicarious wanton destruction would have done this weary soul some good.  Still, I find the whole proposed workaround a bit dubious.  If I'm understanding things properly, Russia has suggested--and Syria has at least not out-of-hand rejected--the idea that a military solution can be avoided as long as Syria promises to let international inspectors check out--and eventually remove or destroy--Syria's chemical weapons.  I mean, if the goal is to thwart Syria's ability to launch chemical weapons attacks on its own or other people, this sounds like an eminently reasonable solution.  As long as you trust Syrian authorities to be forthright with international inspectors about the condition and location of all its chemical weapons' facilities--you know, those facilities that up until about, oh, an hour and a half ago, Syria was claiming didn't exist.

Whatever.  The whole realm of international politics--and domestic politics, for that matter--depends for its continued functioning on a certain willing suspension of disbelief--a willingness to accept things at face value despite all evidence to the contrary (the US doesn't torture, the members of Congress are motivated solely by a desire to help the American people, everyone has an equal voice in society regardless of wealth--you get the idea).  If accepting this empty promise keeps America out of yet another war, I guess that's a price worth paying.

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