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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Vallejo: A Spot Exciting, Mystic, and Exotic

This year's ballot for Vallejo City Council features one "Pippin Dew."  I know nothing about this person's political affiliation or stands on the issues; for all I know he (she?) is a card-carrying member of the Kitten Electrocution Brigade.  Nevertheless, I feel I must vote for him (her?) because, well, you know, "Pippin Dew"!  How can I resist the opportunity to vote for that name?  Indeed, when given the choice, I will always vote for the stupid name.  You can imagine how conflicted I was over last year's race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.  Indeed, my one and only regret is that I was not alive in 1956 to cast a vote for the Adlai Stevenson-Estes Kefauver ticket!

Seriously, my ONLY regret!

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