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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Next Year: A Reality Show in The House of the Seven Gables

First, there was "The Following," which mangled Edgar Allan Poe.  Now this.

I suspect that "Sleepy Hollow," Fox's new action-horror program arose from a profound moment of cultural semi-literacy: "Hey, let's make a show based on that story. . . .by that Irving Washington guy. . . y'know, the one where Ichabod Crane falls asleep for two-hundred years and wakes up to fight the Headless Horseman."

Close enough.

Anyway, I've watched the show--it's not particularly terrible, but not overly good either.  In this version, Ichabod Crane is not a gangly schoolteacher, but rather a hunky (if lanky) Englishman, who switched sides in the Revolutionary War.  While battling his erstwhile redcoated comrades, Crane confronts a Hessian in a sort of Bane-mask who, after a minor decapitation, goes on to become the light-shouldered eqestrian we're all familiar with from our collective nightmares and/or Disney adaptations.  Crane himself, grievously wounded, falls unconscious, and, when next he wakes, finds himself in Sleepy Hollow in 2013.  He and a young sheriff's deputy then team up to battle the Horseman and assorted other supernatural baddies.

My question, though, is this: The show has now been on for about two months (minus a World-Series break), and Ichabod has been wandering the streets for what seems to be at least the same amount of time--but he's still wearing his Revolutionary War clothes!
  Can no one take the poor guy to Target?

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