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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Olympic Musings.

Every Olympics brings new events.  Often, these are merely old events with the addition of a new gender category, e.g., men's rhythmic gymnastics, or with an added element of synchronicity, e.g., synchronized pole-vaulting.  I'm kidding about that last one.  I think.  OK, maybe not.

Anyway, this year's Sochi Olympics feature the debut of women's ski-jumping.  To which I must ask, Why wasn't this a thing already?  Were women somehow more susceptible to the effects of gravity--or would it be "less"--I'm not even sure where the concern would lie.  I can't imagine that women would have any greater or lesser difficulty in hurtling through the air than men.  What took so long?

And then, there is also the question of why some sports need to be divided by gender.  Sure, I can understand why women don't compete directly against men in sports like hockey or wrestling--not that that wouldn't be fun.  But do we really need to have separate men's and women's teams for curling?  Couldn't we just get the best men and the best women to compete together in what is, after all, a truly idiotic sport?

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