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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Breaking News

Out of my undying sense of journalistic responsibility, I feel compelled to report that Hillary Clinton has formally announced her candidacy for . . . Hold on, let me check my notes. . .  Ah! President. She's running for president.

Of the United States, that is.

I know that some of my followers get their news exclusively from The Solipsist, and I wanted to make sure that none of you ends up looking like an idiot at a cocktail party, pooh-poohing the notion of Hillary's candidacy.

Incidentally, you shouldn't pooh-pooh ANYTHING at a cocktail party. Or anywhere else, for that matter. That's just gross.

Do people even HAVE cocktail parties anymore? I mean, I hear "cocktail party," and I get an image of, like, George Sanders and Bette Davis in evening dress, exchanging witticisms. And I don't even know who those people ARE!

Where was I?

Oh, yes, Hillary. You know, the ignorantsia at places like Fox News like to bash Hillary by saying, among other things, that she's "obsessed" with the presidency, that she sees it as some sort of entitlement. To which I think the only logical reply is, "Yes. And?" Of course, she's obsessed and feels entitled! I mean, think about the chutzpah it takes for someone to think that they are actually qualified to BE president. That alone is a sign of some kind of insanity, be the candidate Democrat or Republican.  If you're NOT obsessed and DON'T feel entitled, you've picked the wrong way to spend the next year and a half.

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