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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Ignorance Is. . . Something.

A recent psychological study suggested a positive correlation between IQ and anxiety: The smarter you are, the more you worry.

This hardly qualifies as earth-shaking news. I've always thought that, if you're not worrying, you're not paying attention. I find myself thinking about this now, though, as I wrestle with vague feelings of non-specific dread. I imagine this is largely a function of it being Sunday: The imminence of a new work-week often engenders a sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach, a leaden fuzziness in the brain, a slight ringing in the ears. . . . Y'know, now that I write this, I hope this is just anxiety; otherwise, I probably have some kind of tumor.

But seriously, folks.

The funny thing is, this dread has occurred throughout my life, regardless of what was going on. I remember during the early '90's, watching "In Living Color" on Sunday nights, laughing but also struggling with an awareness that this was pretty much the last bit of enjoyment I was going to experience before having to drag myself out of bed less than twelve hours later to begin another stressful week of college classes and student-teaching and just, y'know, life.  Back then, I would tell myself that this dread would pass--that once I got through the trials of those days, things would get better.

And they have gotten better. I mean, I basically like my job. I like my co-workers. And some days I even get the opportunity to go home feeling like I've had a positive impact on the world around me.  And yet the dread persists.  Ignorance may be bliss, but isn't it stupid to keep subjecting myself to dread for no particular reason?

1 comment:

  1. First, in answer to your last question, yes
    However... when there ARE things to dread (and God knows there ARE) only an idiot doesn't dread them
    Moreover, it's nonsense to say that the "smart" worry more than the stupid.
    If that were true, there'd be no Tea Party
    Only VERY frightened... and VERRRY stupid people would turn to a Louis Gomert for help
    I fear illness, poverty, and another Paul Blart movie.
    My neighbor fear that the Government is going to impose Shiria law.
    We're both worried about things we have no control ove, but, at least when you come to MY house you don't have to worry about being shot