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Thursday, October 29, 2015

In Which We Avoid Republicans, Dare Trump, Question Facebook, and Roll Our Eyes at Overly Creative Reporters.

I confess: I didn't watch the Republican debate last night.  Since I am not a registered Republican, and thus will not directly participate in the selection of the GOP nominee, I declare missing the debate not so much an act of utter civic apathy as an example of instinctual self-preservation: My delicate sensibilities can stand only so much of these carnival barkers pretending to be statesmen--or rather, NOT pretending to be statesmen.  That would be an improvement.  Still, I was struck by this quote from ostensible "safe" candidate, Jeb Bush:

“It troubles me that people are rewarded for tearing down our country. It’s never been that way in American politics before. I just don’t believe that this country’s days are going to be deeply — you know, going down. I think we’re on the verge of the greatest time, and I want to fix the things to let people rise up.”


Was this Bush trying out new campaign slogans: "Bush 2016: Fixing the things!"  "Bush 2016: On the Verge of the Greatest Time!"  I guess either of those is better than "Bush 2016: America Doesn't Go Down!"  Not much better, but, y'know, better.

Did you see this?  In response to Donald Trump's suggestion that the million-dollar loan he received from his father was not a particularly large sum of money--and should do nothing to detract from his delusional self-image as a self-made man--Stephen Colbert challenged Trump to sign a million-dollar check made out to the Harlem Children's Zone.  If Trump is half as smart as he considers himself, he will waste no time in signing the check: That million dollar donation would do more for his image than ten times that amount spent on advertising.  I'm almost mad at Colbert for giving that jackass such a golden opportunity.  But I will cling desperately to the belief that Trump's inherent jackassery will prevent him from doing such an obviously right thing.

I have 30 people "following" me on Facebook.  I have no idea what this means, especially because I don't actually KNOW any of these people.  Shouldn't it just say I have 30 people "stalking" me?

From the "Someone at the Times Is Trying Way Too Hard" files:

"Enceladus is only 300 miles across and whiter than a Bing Crosby Christmas, reflecting virtually all the sunlight that hits it, which should make it colder and deader than Scrooge’s heart."
                       --"Cassini Seeks Insights to Life in Plumes of Enceladus, Saturn’s Icy Moon"

Some editor should have gotten rid of that sentence the way the Grinch took away Cindy Lou Who's Christmas tree.

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