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Thursday, October 22, 2015

In Which We-- Never Mind That! Mets!

I began this blog in late-December 2008.  So, throughout the Solipsist's history, the beloved New York Mets have posted a consistently losing record.

Until this year.

And not only did the Mets manage to post a winning record, they won their division, and their divisional playoff series, and their league championship series, and now they are heading to their first World Series since 2000.

This season has been particularly special because it was completely unexpected.  In previous successful years--1986, 2000--the Mets were, if not always favored to make it to the Series, always regarded as contenders.  This year, though, going into the season, most forecasters expected the Mets to finish, at best, a distant second to the Washington Nationals.  And what's more, as recently as late July, the team looked virtually helpless to score runs.  Somehow, over the last two months, the Mets turned it all around--the 2015 season, the forces of history.

For my money, Terry Collins has got to be the manager of the year.  He managed to hold this team together through four months of anemic hitting and demands to treat his young pitching staff like delftware.  They had no business making it to August with a winning record and even less business being in the World Series.  And yet, here they are.

Happy times in Solipsist Nation.

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