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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

In Which We've Figured Out Who Supports Trump

I was scrolling through the listings for "on demand" movies. On my service, the guide displays the "Rotten Tomatoes" ranking for each film.  If you're unfamiliar with the rating system, the higher the percentage of "tomatoes," the more positive the general reviews of the movie are. At any rate, I happened to notice that "The Princess Bride" had only a 97% positive rating. Who are these three-percenters who apparently disliked "The Princess Bride"?!? Are they allowed to breed?!?


  1. Some people just don't understand that when you HAVE fred savage in a movie, you USE fred savage in a movie, and that's all you need

  2. I don't like "The Princess Bride." I support Trump. Does that prove your point?

    I support Trump, not because he's perfect. He's not. And he's down right a little scary. But we are at a crossroads. With Bush or Hillary, we go the way of The Globalists. Bernie Sanders is okay. Ted Cruz is okay. Trump is the best for the times we're in. Why do I say that? The 3 candidates I mention as okay are not pawns of the Establishment. They are different on a number of issues, but the main issues now are retaining our freedoms, peace, and prosperity, because, those 3 necessities are slipping away.

    It's not comfortable to admit to ourselves the mess we're in, especially if one is not a fighter. Complacently watching "The Princess Bride" even with our "Wonder Years" boy in it, just doesn't cut it.