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Thursday, February 4, 2016

In Which We Mourn the Internet

I think the internet must be broken.  President Obama visited a Baltimore mosque yesterday and spoke about the need for Americans to resist the Trumpian siren song of suspicion and hatred, and yet I have not noticed any examples of head-exploding xenophobia, no rabid triumphal shouts of "I durn well knew he were one o' them Ay-rabs all along!"  So. . . Not sure why I'm writing this, as it will obviously not reach anyone. . . .

Listen, it goes against my own personal religion to turn on Fox News, so could someone please at least reassure me that the crew at "Fox and Friends" has dissolved into a frothing hatepuddle?  I'll wait.  But if I don't hear from anyone, I'll assume that the internet is no more and that I can just use this space as I've really wanted to all along: as a place to post my Doctor Who fan poetry:

Thro' time and space the whirling Tardis spins
Spin, Gallifreyan phonebox, spin!. . . .

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