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Saturday, July 2, 2016

. . .And One More Thing

As I said yesterday, I assume the "managers" of Donald Drumpf's "presidential" "campaign"--

--I should really just put airquotes around everything associated with this moron.  But onward!

I assume these people had no criminal intent when they sent fundraising letters to Scottish MPs.  Despite technically breaking election law, these emails were (I assume) just part of a mass spamming: The Drumpf campaign probably purchased email lists and then sent messages to everybody on these lists--including foreign parliamentarians.  Frankly, I think the campaign has so far been fortunate that only emails to Scots have come to light.  I'm waiting (OK, fervently hoping) to hear about similar appeals to members of the Duma or the House of Saud.

But here's the thing: Let's give Drumpf and his cronies the benefit of all doubt as mentioned above.  That still means that his campaign paid money for email lists that contain the addresses of Scottish members of Parliament.  In other words, the lists that he spent money on contain email addresses that are already public!  This would be like me spending cash to get the email addresses of American congressmen and -women.  Sure, I guess you could "justify" this expense by claiming that it saves time, but since the "time" we are discussing is essentially a 30-second Google search, that justification is thin to say the least.

In other words, ignore the fact that Drumpf is a racist, misogynist, and completely unqualified candidate.  The one claim that his whole campaign rested on is that he is a smart businessman--but a smart businessman who apparently wastes money on worthless (and possibly illegal) campaign expenses.  And these expenses include things that any semi-intelligent person could get for free!

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