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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


So, the governor of Illinois has gone ahead and named someone to fill Barack Obama's Senate seat, in defiance of virtually every Democrat in the land.  Well, really, what did people expect?  With Blagojevich accused of essentially everything short of third-degree murder (and, I think, illegal transport of livestock across state lines), what has the man got to lose?  And are people really surprised by his chutzpah?  At the same time, it seems a shame for this Burriss guy.  It sounds like he's your basic low-key , civil servant type who might actually be a good senator.  Good luck there, though.  One wonders, though, if the US Senate could just refuse to seat someone who, for all intents and purposes, has earned the job legitimately (if under dubious and less-than-ideal circumstances).  Yes, yes: This country cannot afford to allow someone elected under dubious circumstances to hold public office.  Just ask President Gore.

(Aside: Doesn't "blagojevich!" sound like something a Czech tennis player should shout when serving?)

And the fighting continues in the Middle East.  Again, at the risk of sounding partisan, this space would like to point out that, while Israel continues to attack Hamas in Gaza, the country is also sending in truckloads of humanitarian relief.  One cannot help but wonder how those truck drivers are being treated.

On a lighter note, the Solipsist would like to wish everyone a happy new year.  Make sure to designate a driver.  And make sure those resolutions are fun!

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