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Friday, January 16, 2009

Addendum to "Khaaaaaannnnn!!!" (January 14)

So, the Solipsist has a friend (yes, really!) who helps keep Your-Not-So-Humble Correspondent honest.  He pointed out some errors in the other day's tribute to the late Ricardo Montalban, which YNSHC would like to take this time to correct.

First, apparently the correct spelling of "Cardassian" is, well, "Cardassian" and not "Kardassian" as was previously reported.  We regret the error.

The second mistake is a bit more troubling.  You will recall that the Solipsist opened his post with a quote from "The Wrath of Khan" (or "TWOK" as it is apparently known to afficionados).  The quote that appeared was:
"I'll chase him 'round the Outer Nebula and 'round Antares Maelstrom and 'round perdition's flames before I give him up!"
Now, the aforementioned Friend of Solipsist (FOS) e-mailed the following:

I'm glad you opened your post with that quote about "perdition's flames", though will pick the nit that they were "the moons of Nibia" not "the Outer Nebula". . .to which Khan referred. 

Well, the Solipsist must throw himself upon the mercy of his readers here.  He would like to state in his own defense that the quote was taken verbatim from a website located on Google under the heading "Khan Noonien Singh Quotes."  The complete URL is:


So perhaps something needs to be edited.  At any rate, since the Solipsist wants to be YOUR first source for news and information, rest assured that no stone will go unturned, no source will go unconsulted, no DVD will go unwatched until we can establish the truth once and for all.

What makes this situation truly disturbing are two facts:  One, apparently we cannot 100% trust everything we read on the Internet.  Who knew?

And two: Apparently this FOS was able to just pull the correct quote out of his own, um, stores of knowledge.

The Solipsist is sad.

1 comment:

  1. OMG!! I've been quoted by Sol Ipsist!

    I'm NOT WORTHY!!!


    PS: I looked it up. Whadja think, I'm some kinda geek?!?


    PPS: Never trust an open-source encylopaedia :-)

    PPPS: I really DID know how to spell "Cardassian"