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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Slow News Day

So the Republican party is looking for a new Chairman, and two of the finalists, J. Kenneth Blackwell and Michael Steele, are black.  One wonders if these are, in fact, THE two black Republicans in the country.  A cliche, perhaps, but, still.  And if so, more power to them.  It's probably a good career move for a black politician.  When Michael Bloomberg, a lifelong Democrat, ran for mayor of New York, he ran as a Republican, assuming, presumably, that the Democratic field was far too crowded with qualified politicians to for a neophyte, even a ridiculously wealthy one, to break through.  So he ran as a Republican, won, and, not too long ago, switched his party allegiance to Independent (presumably going back to Democrat would be tacky).  So maybe Mssrs. Blackwell and Steele are actually soft-hearted liberals, too, biding their time, working their way up the Republican hierarchy.  It worked out reasonably well, for New York.

No, huh?

Otherwise, a fairly uneventful news day for a Sunday.  Troubles in the Mideast, of course.  Detroit's getting ready to start a major push for an electric car.  And, as of this writing, depending on what happens in Pittsburgh, three of the top four seeds in the NFL are out of the playoffs, including the Giants.  As the only New York area team left in the playoffs, they were the Solipsist's sole real rooting interest.  Now what is he supposed to distract himself with for the next few months?

Well, only about a month 'til pitchers and catchers.  Stay strong, America!

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