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Saturday, February 7, 2009

All Apologies--Well, Maybe Not "All"

First off, the Solipsist would once again like to heartily beseech the forgiveness of his (very) private army of loyalists for his inexcusable lapse yesterday.  And this is NOT just because Mayor Bloomberg has inexplicably failed to contact him.  The Solipsist has realized he was wrong to stomp all over the hearts of those who have given him so much.

(However, Mayor Bloomberg?  This blogger is still available for service.  Just say the word.  And send the jet.)

Speaking of which, does anyone else find it amusing that the "Google Ad" appearing on "The Solipsist" today (and, indeed, which has appeared several days over the last week) is for a private charter jet service?  This can't just be coincidence, can it?  One assumes that some algorithm at Google headquarters sifts through Blogger sites, looking for keywords, and then places ads accordingly.  So, as long as the Solipsist keeps going on and on about private jets, we can expect this ad (or its ilk) to continue.

Private jets, private jets, private jets!

There, that oughta hold 'em.

Can the Solipsist make OTHER ads appear, simply by mentioning things?

Pepsi Cola!



Edward Gibbons' Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire!

What other powers of invocation might Your Not So Humble Correspondent access?  Let's see:

Tahitian vacation!

15,000 square foot mansion!

Assorted meats and cheeses!

Hmmm. . . .well, nothing yet, but YNSHC will keep you posted.

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