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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Welcome to the Future! (A Brief Post)

This sounded more interesting than it really was:

Some Canadian researchers have developed a device that uses "near-infrared" light (would that be "infrapink"?) to "detect" people's thoughts.  Or so the headline on Yahoo! would lead you to believe.

(Digression I: When the Solipsist was a lad, he thought the word "infrared"--which actually shows up in comic books more often than you would think--was a two-syllable word that rhymed, roughly, with "compared."  He could never quite figure out what Superman's in-FRARED vision was all about, but it didn't sound good.)

(Digression II: "Infrapink" would be a really cool band name.)

(Digression III: How conditioned by marketing is the Solipsist that he feels weird about spelling Yahoo! without the exclamation point?  End of digressions.)

Turns out what this Canadian Telepathy device does is predict which drink people will choose.  When shown pictures of two drinks.  With eighty per cent accuracy.

Flying cars and teleporters this ain't.

1 comment:

  1. Sol, remember my early pronounciation of "pseudo". I think it was something like "Puh-sweade-o". I think "infrared" confused me, too. English is a tough language to prounounce -- take it from someone helping his son to learn to read. Hebrew is an infinitely easier language to de-code! (Clever Jews...!)