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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Social Insecurity Numbers

It pleases us greatly to see that the United States Army, the world's premier fighting force, has finally caught up with our local community college district. We figured out years ago that using a social security number for student identification was a bad idea. Students were subsequently assigned a seven-digit ID, which put at least a little more distance between them and fraudulent Nigerian princes who would part them from their money. Today we read that the army has recognized that social security numbers are dangerously insecure identifiers for military personnel. Wasting no time, the Defense Department has decreed that this will not stand! New identification numbers will be issued to al soldiers. . . by next May.

In the meantime, we invite service members to take the Solipsist's Facebook Fun Quiz, and feel free to supply your military ID.


  1. When I was young so many years ago, our SS# was also our DL#.

  2. I have a friend who's a Japanese Jew. Every December 7th he attacks Pearl Schwartz. But seriously... until about 20/30 years ago, one's Social Security Card read, in big letters, "Not For Identification Purposes". Plus ca change, plus ca meme chose> (Which is French and means.)