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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lock and Load and Matriculate

As an educator, the Solipsist has devoted considerable mental energy to one of the eternal questions of effective pedagogy. Now, we may finally be within reach of the holy grail of higher education: guns in the classroom!

Lawmakers in Arizona--the folks who put the "shun" in "immigration"--are now taking aim at the liberal commie pinko idea that classrooms should be places of intellectual debate, at least putatively free from firearms. If they have their way, professors and others over the age of 21 will have the right to carry guns on campus. The idea is that high-profile shooting sprees both on-campus (see Virginia Tech) and off- (see Tucson) could be prevented if only there were more guns!

(DIGRESSION: Arizona already has perhaps the laxest attitudes towards gun control in the 50 states, and still there were no armed citizens to stop Jared Loughner's rampage at a Tucson shopping mall. Maybe the legislators should consider mandating gun possession? EOD)

We will say this for the pending legislation: If more professors and college students do start carrying guns, it will do wonders for the average IQ of gun owners. But considering the fact that academics are a predominantly liberal bunch, do Arizona legislators really want to arm the opposition?

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