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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Utterly Pointless

Just a normal Tuesday, folks. . . .Normal Tuesday. . . .That would make a good name for a band. . . .Normal Tuesday. . . .Normal Tuesday and the Manatees. . . .That's what we'll call our band! And then everyone'll think that the Solipsist is "Normal Tuesday," and we'll have to correct them. No, no, we'll say: We're not "Normal Tuesday"; we're the Solipsist. Just like the lead singer of Hootie and the Blowfish was not "Hootie." He was quite emphatic about that. The Manatees, though, will, in fact, be manatees: Gentle, folk-rock playing seacows. . . . Yeah, that's our plan. *************************** Nerdy Grammar Shout-Out of the Day:
"But after getting a glimpse of the [changes to liturgical] texts in recent months, thousands of priests in the United States, Ireland and Australia have publicly objected that the translation is awkward, archaic and inaccessible."

Now that's some nice parallel structure, folks, complemented by nifty assonance ("awkward, archaic, and inaccessible"). Well played, Laurie Goodstein! (Leave it to the Jews to write elegantly about the Catholic Mass.)


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