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Monday, September 26, 2011

And Huge in Riyadh!

What the hell?!?  The ruler of Saudi Arabia has given women the vote?  Is nothing sacred--excuse me, halal?!?  Next thing you know, they'll be able to drive!  What's that?  They're still not allowed to drive?  Well, OK, then. . . .

Seriously, what's this guy thinking? Women will have the right to vote AND to run for and hold elected office (but, as mentioned, not to drive--don't worry!).  Has he really thought this through?  Look at what just this sort of reckless progressivism has done to America: We came within a few hundred-thousand votes of being one heartbeat away from President Palin!

Wait a second.  Hold the phone!  I just had a great idea:

Hey, Saudi Arabia, can we interest you in Michelle Bachmann?  Yes, she has a bit of Jesus-fixation, but her medieval views on homosexuality, premarital sex, criminal justice, and the properly subservient role of women in marriage should fit in nicely in the Kingdom.  They'll love her in Jidda!

1 comment:

  1. Hold on there, little camper. As usual in this wonderful world of ours, things aren't QUITE all they seem!
    This "right to vote" thing doesn't start for (at least) four years. And a lot can happen in four years.
    Even more interesting: While they canvote... and even hold elective office... SAUDI ARABIA IS A MONARCHY!
    The "ruling party" has, according to most reports, virtually NO POWER WHATSOEVER of the Saudi rruling family.
    So, in effect, the whole gesture is akin to your deciding one day to rule Serbia and WOS saying: "Fine with me."