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Monday, October 17, 2011

Great Moments in Common Sense

I am aghast.  According to a front-page article in today's Times:

"Users of cellphones and other wireless devices who are nearing their monthly limit for voice, text or data services will receive alerts when they are in danger of being charged extra, under an agreement reached by carriers and the Federal Communications Commission."
This blew my mind: a simple, common-sense solution to a somewhat pervasive problem: unexpected and exorbitant cellphone charges.  Wow: A governmental regulation that costs corporations very little while at the same time offering some basic protections to the average consumer.

Just how reasonable is this?  Consider the fact that, while the Obama Administration was in favor of it, so was the largest trade group of wireless carriers, whose president, Steve Largent, is a former NFL player (back when the Seahawks were an NFL team) and Republican congressman, who is about as true-believing a right-winger as there is!  If THESE two groups can agree on something, then. . . . Well, actually, then there must be something wrong with the rule.  Let's see. . . .

Ah, here we go: Now, if people go over their allotted minutes, their phones will send massive electric shocks into their groinal areas.  OK.  I feel much better now.

1 comment:

  1. Actually, there's a simple explanation.
    There was SERIOUS talk about the government stepping in and forcing the carriers to do both the above and other things that were (TREMBLE AT THESE WORDS!!!!) "fair to consumers". Thus, the move is designed, not as a service, but a preventative.
    It's happened before, with other industries. You could look it up.