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Saturday, October 22, 2011

This Is Why "They" Hate Us

According to a recent article in The New York Times:
"At middle schools across the country, metal lockers that were long considered decorated if they had photos of friends or the teen heartthrob of the moment — Shaun Cassidy years ago, Justin Bieber today — have suddenly become the latest frontier in nesting."
And you thought Somalians had it rough?  What's a little anarchy and mass-starvation when compared with the trials of an upper-middle-class tween with a "zazzless" locker?

Want to design your own locker? Just head on over to Lockerlookz.com.  (You know they're cool, 'cause they spell "looks" with a 'z.')  I did!

I'm going with "Aqua Zebra on White" wallpaper, with the cutest black-zebra framed mirror mounted on the door--Oh, crap!  All the mirrors are temporarily unavailable!!!  Oh, well, I guess I can fill the space with some nice purple flowers.  And, let's see. . . .In addition to some bins and a white dry erase board (with green and blue circles and dots), I'm going to go with a purple rug and black chandelier!  With shipping and handling, this comes to just under $130!

And, have no fear: If you have the mental faculties of the typical middle-schooler, the website offers handy videos to walk you through the intricacies of placing pre-cut pieces of magnetized wallpaper onto metallic surfaces.

Now. . . if I only had a locker!

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