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Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Miscellany

The Rich Get Californian-er

According to a recently released report, 25% of the richest people in America live in the Golden State.  Topping the California list in these troubled economic times is Oracle founder Larry Ellison, who last year had a net worth approaching an astonishing $14,000!  The next Californian on the list is Facebook magnate Mark Zuckerberg, who as of last Thursday reportedly had $183.26 in his checking account.

Typecasting 101

If you're a British leading-man-type, you can aspire to play either James Bond OR the Doctor (i.e., "Doctor Who")--not both.  Years back, I read somewhere that Hugh Grant was being considered for the role of 007.  This is ludicrous.  Hugh Grant is as Doctor as they come.  Colin Firth, on the other hand, is clearly a Bond.  It works with American actors, too: George Clooney = Bond; Johnny Depp = Doctor.  The point is: Know your limitations.  Don't try to be a Bond if you're inherently a Doctor.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Get Caught

While the military's repeal of DADT was a much-publicized and highly welcome milestone in gay rights, I feel I missed something that, while obviously less-heralded, was no less significant: When did "Cheaters" feature its first gay couple?  I mean, we all knew that gay people are just as capable of bravery and nobility as heterosexuals; it's nice to see they're capable of licentiousness, too.

Today's My Birthday. . .

. . . and (this is true) when I was surfing the Web this morning, just bouncing around checking out some links that friends had put up on Facebook, I got a pop-up for an "over-50" dating site.  Now, for the record, I am only 42.  And married.  Still, some of those cougars were quite--oh, Hi, WOS.  Gotta go.

I clicked on a link this morning and got a pop-up for a "seniors' dating" site.  Come on!

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