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Friday, November 4, 2011

Slow News Day

I've heard of slow news day, but this is ridiculous  On the front page--THE FRONT PAGE--of today's New York Times appears a story about Ryan Fitzpatrick, the quarterback for the suddenly resurgent Buffalo Bills.  Now, the fact that the Bills have a winning record is certainly newsworthy, but front-page newsworthy?  And that's not even why Mr. Fitzpatrick made the front page.  Is he having a record-setting season?  No.  Is he making some sort of inspiring comeback from a career-threatening injury?  Nope.  Is he dying? Not so far as we know.

No, what makes Ryan Fitzpatrick worthy of front-page attention in the nation's newspaper of record is the fact that he wears his wedding ring during games.  ("For Bills' Quarterback, Losing (Wedding Ring) Is Not an Option") That's it.  Now, in this day and age, when a typical quarterback story likely revolves around dogfighting or Roethlisbergerian sexual improprieties, one find a certain charm in the story of this apparently uxorious athlete.  But still!  This story would seem pretty irrelevant on the sports pages on a Sunday gameday--how little must be going on in the world for this to make the front-page (albeit below the fold)?  It's not even about a New York team!  (Where is Buffalo, anyway?)

Let's see what other stories got buried inside the paper to make room for this story of a football player's accessorizing:

"U.S. Report Accuses China and Russia of Internet Spying" (Page 4)
"Israel Faces Questions About News Reports of Eyeing Iran Strike" (Page 10)
"Petition Drive Challenges Medical Marijuana Ban in Rural California County" (Page 15)
"Couple Donate $150 Million to Fight Poverty in Developing Nations" (B6)

Clearly, all less important than the fact that Ryan Fitzpatrick risks jamming his finger for the sake of confirming his undying devotion to (or perhaps fear of) his wife.

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