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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hoist By My Own Petard

Solipsist: I know what I'm getting you for your birthday!

WOS: What?

SOL: Well, Justin Bieber has a new perfume!

WOS: (Sigh.)

SOL: You don't want to smell like Justin Bieber?

WOS: No, I don't want to smell like Justin Bieber!


SOL: Well, actually, you wouldn't smell like Justin Bieber, you'd just-

WOS: Smell like something he'd like to smell, yeah, I got that.  No, I still don't want the perfume.

(Pause.  SOL begins to look annoyed.)

WOS: What's wrong?

SOL: Nothing.

(Pause.  SOL continues to look annoyed.)

WOS: What's wrong?!?

SOL: Nothing!  It's just. . .

WOS: What?

SOL: Well. . . I remember reading something about Justin Bieber, and I remember it mentioned some stupid nickname that his fans were called. . . and I was going to call you that. . . but I can't remember what the nickname was.

WOS: Oh.

SOL: Yeah.

WOS: Can't help you there.

SOL: Yeah, I know.  It's really annoying me.

WOS: Well, that's what you get.

SOL: Yeah.

(NOTE: For the record, WOS is most emphatically not a Justin Bieber fan.  That's what makes it a funny funny joke.  Just wanted to clarify that.)

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