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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

HE Will Say He Was Being Ironic, But We Know the Truth. . .

Today, I logged onto Facebook and saw this rather lengthy status update from ACOS:

"I am about to do a mass delete of my Facebook friends.  I have a large number of friends from an online game that I no longer play because it is a massive time-suck [I'm paraphrasing] that has caused me to neglect my wife, children--a second one was apparently born sometime in the last seven months and I didn't even realize it!  Her name is Abigail--and job--suppliers have threatened to break my legs if I don't remit payment in the next four minutes [I may be embellishing].  Anyway, I'm getting rid of all these online friends, but, if you're reading this, it's because I don't want to delete you, SO, if you don't see another status update from me in the next hour or so, I probably deleted you accidentally.  Just send me a friend request if that happens."

Now, ACOS is an intelligent sort.  He has an MBA.  He's actually one of those "job-creators" we've all heard so much about lately (as opposed to the rest of us, who, I guess, are "job-doers"--but I digress).  I mention that so you will have the proper context for his NEXT status update, posted about thirty minutes later:

"Deletion done.  If you don't see this status, please let me know."

1 comment:

  1. Yay, a whole Solipsist all to myself. I did know exactly what I was typing when I was typing it, I was trying to be funny.