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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Apres MOS, le Deluge

We've all had lots of laughs this year poking fun at those silly, silly Mayans who supposedly predicted the world would end on the disconcertingly specific date December 21, 2012.  In reality, they probably said no such thing and simply ran out of space on their calendar stone.  But I'm beginning to think they may have made such a prediction and, moreover, may have been right.

The signs of the coming end-times are all around us, from violent weather to Mitt Romney.  Still, I didn't put the pieces together until today.  For those keeping a keen eye out for signs of the coming apocalypse, brace yourself, I've got one: Today,  my mother, the world-famous MOS. . .tagged me on Facebook.  MOS.  Tagged me.  On Facebook.

This is the woman who doesn't own a television!  Who isn't sure about the difference between DVDs and DVRs!  Who told me her keyboard was broken when it would only print in capital letters--as if it were somehow "locked" in that position!

OK, maybe I exaggerate, but the tagging thing has me a little freaked out.

Incidentally, I finally bit the bullet and opened a Twitter account, mostly so I could receive a steady stream of headlines from The Onion.  I'd invite you all to follow me there, but I don't exactly know how to do that.  I'm totally serious, by the way.  (And yes, the irony of admitting technological illiteracy after just trashing MOS for the same is not lost on me.)  I know it has something to do with following me "@" something, but I'm not sure what comes after the "@."  Try @JasonBerner, if you're so inclined.  And who knows, if I get some followers, maybe I'll start tweeting!  Who KNOWS what kind of wacky crap will come out of this twisted and troubled mind?

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