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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Manatee Break

The last couple of days have been pretty heavy, what with the Sandy Hook shootings (rough year for people named "Sandy"; sorry WOFOS), ongoing budgetary stalemates, and the growing likelihood that the Mets will trade R. A. Dickey.  Time to change the subject.

I am, of course, no creationist, but it occurs to me that fundamentalist Christians have taken the wrong approach in trying to disprove evolution.  No need to posit ludicrous theories about the age of the planet being younger than certain cave-paintings and arrowheads found thereon.  In order to throw a monkey wrench into Darwinian theorizing, one need look no further than the manatee.  Survival of the fittest?  These things aren't fitter than ANYTHING!

By the way, from a Republican/Tea Party/Willful Embracer of Ignorance standpoint, this is a win-win: Manatees are often found near Florida.  So, if Marco Rubio needs to explain away his recent, um, questionable remarks about the true age of the Earth, he can always claim to have been distracted by thoughts of the utter incompatibility of manatees with natural selection.  You're welcome, GOP.

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