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Monday, January 21, 2013

Buckingham Bruiser

I know you've all been busy with Martin Luther King Parties and solemn observances of President Obama's inauguration (I might have that backwards), so I take this opportunity to update you on the news that you really need.  To wit:

Stop making fun of the Royal Family.  Not that they don't deserve it, but just for your own good.  Turns out that Prince Harry is quite the bad-ass.  He's off in Afghanistan flying Apache helicopters and bumping off Taliban insurgents.  Maybe it's the red hair--God only knows that gingers are capable of all manner of depravity--but Harry may be the fiercest Royal warrior since Henry V (the Kenneth Branagh variety, not that wuss Olivier)--or at least since the Queen Mum faced down a Luftwaffe squadron armed with nothing but a bumbershoot and a package of Pontefract Cakes.

So, congratulations President Obama.  And while you're guarding us against terrorist insurgents, just give a small prayer of thanks that the Brits are on our side.

(This post has been edited to reflect the following correction: "bumbershoot" is now spelled correctly.  God, you readers are persnickety!)

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