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Saturday, January 12, 2013

In Case You Missed It

Last November, California voters approved a Los Angeles County ballot initiative requiring all performers in adult movies to wear condoms.  (I assume the law applies mainly to male performers, but I'm not sure.)  Now, Vivid Entertainment, a prominent pornography producer (sorry about the alliteration), is suing LA County, claiming that the law infringes upon the organization's rights to free expression.

Vivid makes a compelling argument:
"'Let's assume that we're filming an adult movie and it was taking place in the swashbuckler times. All of a sudden, Captain Jack slips on a condom,' Vivid's lead attorney Paul Cambria Jr told the [Los Angeles] Times. 'Obviously, that would basically destroy the movie, because it would be fake. Obviously, people would know that couldn't have happened then.'"
He's right, of course.  Everyone knows the one thing viewers demand from their pornography is verisimilitude.

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