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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Just Another Day at Solipsist Central: Workplace Edition

STUDENT: Excuse me, could you help me on the computers?

SOLIPSIST: I can try.

STU: I'm trying to get on the regular internet.

SOL: The "regular" internet?

STU: Yeah, you know, I want to look at, like, job listings and stuff.

SOL: Oh, OK, let me see what you're doing.

(I go over to the computer he's using.  There appears to be a Word document open.)

STU: You can close that.

(I close the document and click the Explorer icon.  The college's homepage pops up immediately.)

SOL: OK, well, it seems to be working now.

STU: No, I want to get to the regular internet.  This just takes me to the college's internet.

SOL: Oh.  Well.  Um.  What does the "regular" internet look like?

STU: It says "Yahoo."

SOL: OK.  Well, you see that rectangle?  If you type "yahoo" in there, it will open up the regular internet.

STU: Really? (He sits down.)  Capital 'y'?

SOL: Sure why not.

STU: (Types 'yahoo' and opens the regular internet.)  Cool. You're awesome!

It's true.  I am awesome.

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