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Monday, May 6, 2013

Hail Mary or Hail Barack?

Though it has apparently--and to my mind inexplicably--been removed, for a brief while this morning, a petition appeared on the White House's "We the People" site, imploring President Obama to order the Jacksonville Jaguars to sign quarterback Tim Tebow, recently released by the New York Jets.  As a college player, Tebow starred for the University of Florida, and he remains an idolized figure in the area, despite what can charitably be referred to as a mediocre professional career.  A couple of thoughts:

Tim Tebow's tremendous popularity is due not only--or even primarily--to his gridiron success, which peaked around 2006 anyway.  Rather, he is beloved of a certain highly vocal subset of the American populace, to wit, evangelical Christians.  Indeed, during the heyday of Tebowmania, fans across the nation made a fad of "Tebowing"--a prayerful attitude involving kneeling and  bowing one's head in one's fist.  I'd be, therefore, that the organizers of the petition, as well as many of the signatories, are members of the Christian Right--the same people, in other words, who often accuse President Obama of being a godless socialist, to say nothing of a despot in sheep's clothing who is only biding his time until he can implement his plans for world domination.  I'm glad to see, therefore, that these folks can set aside their fears of President Obama seizing control of private industry when it comes to asking him to interfere with this particular private business decision.  (Of course, the owner of the Jaguars is one Shad Khan, so he probably doesn't much appreciate good Christian values either.)

Also, if Tim Tebow is in such good graces with the Almighty, why does he need President Obama to get involved?  Couldn't God Himself just get Khan to bring Tebow to Jacksonville?  Is Obama more powerful than God?  Be careful, Tebow fans: We non-believers are likely to take the wrong message from your passionate appeals to worldly authority. 

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